Sh. Parveen Goyal

It is widely accepted that the process of education is lifelong. Age has no bar in acquiring more knowledge. We may develop any skill or gain knowledge of any field at any moment of our life. The more experience we have, the more knowledge we get.

“Our aim is to provide quality management education to students. Progressive learning is the approach we follow at AERP that focuses on the student’s ability to identify and tackle business issues rather than simply learn facts and techniques.

Our students are motivated, high achievers & true team players and I give them remarkable freedom of action to nurture and equip them to lead complex organizations in a cross-continental environment. They invariably attract a host of blue-chip recruiters year after year to tap this pool of talent. I am confident that AERP is a preferred destination for life-changing learning.

Now, as you are part of the “AERP family”, I urge you to make an excellent career by being a keen learner during classroom teaching, laboratory instructions, industrial training and participating in sports, cultural and other extra-curricular activities of your interest at AERP for all-round development. Being best talent and admitted in premier institute of the state puts an additional responsibility of maintaining AERP pride by disciplined behavior and consistent academics. Therefore, do not indulge in any type of indiscipline including ragging. Ragging in any form invites serious punishments under laws.

Anti Ragging Squad, Anti Ragging Committee members and Mentoring cell at the institute extends all possible help and support, whenever you need. Together, we will raise the institutional glory and pride to new heights and you will achieve the professional career of your dreams.

AERP welcomes you to be a part of the family”